Welcome to, the most complete Vietnam War reenactment website currently online! We are a small group of French collectors, and we have been reenacting the US units of the Vietnam War since 1993. Our purpose is to accurately depict all aspects of the american involvement in South-East Asia from 1960 to 1975, with realistic photographs and super-8 movies. Unlike other Living History Groups, we do not specialize in one single unit, but we rather try to renew each year the outfits we represent. After 8 years of work, we are really pleased to show you the best parts of our work in this website.

         You will find many photos on our pages, depicting dozens of different units from all branches, including the USAF which is often forgotten in specialized books and by other collectors. So far we are not aware of any other website showing photos of Vietnam-era USAF reenactments. The other branches of service are not forgotten of course, and you will find lots of photos of Army, Marine Corps and Navy units (unfortunately, we do not have many Navy equipments, so the Navy portion will be quite poor!). We have chosen to show you the equipments worn by regular combat troops and elite units, but also by the so-called REMFs (Rear Echelon Military Forces) who played an important role in the war even if their lives were less exposed.

         All of the photographs you will see here were taken in Northern France (Pas de Calais); this area is famous for its WWII German bunkers and coal mines, not exactly the kind of landscape you would expect in Vietnam. We had to rely on imagination and improvisation in order to find realistic backgrounds, and we hope that you will appreciate our efforts.

         Last but not least, we are absolutely unpolitical, our intention is not to celebrate a war which killed or wounded millions of people, American and Vietnamese as well. Our only purpose is to take realistic photographs, using the equipment and uniforms we found over the years. We hope that our work will help preserving the memory of this conflict. Your reactions, whatever they are, are welcome in our guestbook.