Then And Now


 This photo series represents the ultimate level of reenactment: we have chosen authentic Vietnam era snapshots, and tried to reproduce them, right here in France, with all the details. We had a hard time finding correct backgrounds, but the result is worth a look! On each page, the left photo was taken by GRUNTS, and the right one is the original Vietnam era photo.

1st Cavalry Division Aero-Rifle Platoon Member, 1969 (added 12/27/2006)
198th Infantry Brigade Rifleman, 1970 (added 12/27/2006)
Marines searching a tunnel, circa 1969 (added 12/27/2006)
USMC grenadier during the Battle for Huê, 1968 (added 12/27/2006)
Army soldiers , circa 1967 (added 12/27/2006)
Tribute to Richard Avedon 1
Tribute to Richard Avedon 2 (added 04/03/2005)
US Army RTO circa 1967
Marine Recon circa 1967
Green Beret circa 1967
18th MP Brigade 1968
USMC RTO, Hue 1968
1st Cavalry Troopers, Hue 1968
In-country Drug Reeducation Center